If It’s In Your Practice

Advance Your Asana!


 If you’re forever hearing your yoga teacher say, “if it’s in your practice come into... (insert challenging pose that you have no idea about)” and then you get about 5 seconds to explore the shape before the class moves on… this workshop is for you!

This immersive yoga experience is a deep dive into advancing your asana practice. We’ll take time to explore postures that will allow you to advance your practice in every yoga class. You'll learn how to transition in and out of postures so that they can be added into your regular vinyasa practice.

Each immersion is designed to give you the tools to know how to safely move into advanced asana, with targeted opening, strengthening and a deeper understanding of how to transition in and out safely.

em inversion 1.jpg

What past attendees have said

"Emma's "If it's in your practice" workshop was so valuable, full of practical support, wisdom and humour. I was able to extend a couple key asanas I didn't think I was capable of. Thanks so much Emma!" - VANESSA

"Emma is extremely knowledgable - she has a way of breaking things down into simple concepts while leading you through progressions that get you doing poses you once thought impossible!!" - PETER

"Emma is a gifted teacher who shares her passion for yoga and wellness with her participants in these beautifully crafted short courses. If you wish to dive deeper into asanas this is the perfect opportunity to do so. I highly recommend these course offerings by Emma Maidment." - TAMI

"I feel like I am more capable of achieving and moving into difficult poses that I have always wondered how to do. Emma's friendly and easy going approach really allows you to push yourself in a nurturing environment. Will definitely be back!" - MITCH


This is an ongoing workshop series view the upcoming dates and grab your spot.