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Embodying the Divine Feminine: A workshop for women

This restorative workshop is exclusively for women, we will delve deep into the feminine and connect physical and spiritual practice to understand and improve our overall health. We’ll explore how stress can impact our hormones and which self-care practices we can adopt to manage this. As someone who’s lived through PCOS (read the full story here: 
 This workshop is an opportunity to learn self-care practices that you can take off the mat and into your daily routine. We’ll begin by exploring the many rituals for wellbeing and balance offered through the yogic tradition and then move into a restorative practice that will leave your cup full! This workshop is a great way to develop a self-care ritual that you can stick to. We’ll explore what self-care means to you and you’ll leave with a personal self-care‘ plan’.

You’ll walk away with:

• An understanding of ‘self-care’ and why it’s important
• A clear understanding of how to add in self-care rituals to your routine
• Hormone balancing yoga postures that you can practice at home
• Knowledge of the divine feminine and ways in which you can connect to this
• Feeling relaxed, rested and restored.